JLanka Group has been the trendsetter in changing the way Sri Lanka perceived of renewable energy. Founded in 2011, the company has managed to achieve a steady growth over the years. Today, it has a satisfied client base of more than 3,500 of both domestic and industrial sectors representing diverse areas of renewable energy. The company has evolved over the years providing more than 400 Sri Lankans.

Not only for EV, JLanka now extend our services to Hybrid, Plug In Hybrid and Fuel vehicles towards a common goal of minimizing the TCO (total cost of ownership) of vehicles.
Why are we different?

believe the quality car maintenance should not be expensive even with quality Parts, Lubricants and Technicians. And how do we deliver that?

People quality

No job can be performed well without Skill, Enthusiasm and Commitment. We are a qualified team experienced in technical colleges & dealerships. Even a change of a filter will not be a task for a trainee in our methodology. We think and act differently in delivering the best prevention, diagnosis & repair on documented SOP s. Our facility is not BIG, so we can offer you personalized services in delivering best value.

Our technicians are talented and qualified, and we ensure transparency and reliability.
Preventive Maintenance

Prevention is better than Cure & our motto is to lower the need of repairs.

A comprehensive multi point inspections will be administered during every scheduled maintenance task with a test drive by a qualified tech.

We maintain a comprehensive history of your vehicle with its past records (as available) in better analyzing and advising you on the needs.

We are confident ensuring you of not facing any unexpected mechanical breakdowns. We strive to reduce your downtime and expenditure whilst improving safety and longevity.

Maintenance as per Manufacturer Schedules / Manuals

We follow the vehicle manufacturer recommendations in carrying out any service or repair and the schedules.

Best Parts and Lubricants

The market is flooded with fake and substandard parts and the so called words Original or Genuine of the sellers has lost its value. It’s no easy task but we ensure you that you get the best deal in market. The authorized agent prices will be maintained on all parts & lubricants.

OEM & Aftermarket parts will deliver great value as Genuine parts in most cases. But our market is filled with counterfeit / Fake parts. VIC, GMB, 555, Seikens, KYB, Exedy, NGK, NOK are great brands, but still you need to ensure that its not a counterfeit.

Cost & Quality

The costs will be justified immediately and throughout the usage. It’s not only the quality, we are responsible that our clients get the costs of both parts and labor well explained, in advance / at your convenience.

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