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DC Fast Charger

Three Phase 400-600VAC Input Voltage, 25kW Output Power

50 minutes Full Charging time

5 ft Output Cable with Standard DC Plug

Planning to gain some money? This solution is ideal if you planning to sell power for EV. GoEV EX25 - Commercial Purpose Charger is compatible with Japanese EV's(CHAdeMO standard) and it comes with IP 6 enclosure which is fully durable and power coated. System comes with a key lock for further safety and tamper proof and it also comes with an emergency stop button.

Database monitoring system will facilitate you to access your data; control your charging anywhere, anytime through our web protocol. You can also use the system to check the usage of the number of units at different time periods and this online monitoring system is a totally transparent system and its totally fool proof.

See how to zero your bill while earning

There are so many ways you can reduce or zero the bill while selling electricity. Contact our consultant to find the best solution for you

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Customize EV charger with your brand

Say and show it's your own EV charger by branding it with your guideline. Speak with one of our consultant to see how it can be done

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